A celebration of Asia's traditional dishes and flavours.


What shapes us is our sense of Asian cuisine and our curiosity to present simple but elegant dishes prepared with local ingredients.

We offer a personal and close service where we see you not only as a guest, but a returning friend. If you have a special wish, ask, we'll try to solve it.

Edmond Lau
MoonCake Restaurant

The tale of mooncake originates from China and the Yuan Dynasty (A.D. 1280-1368). China was under Mongolia's control at this time. The Chinese weren't happy with the Mongol government and wanted to rebel, but it was not easy because public gatherings were forbidden.

The rebels tried to find ways to coordinate insurrection without being detected and Liu Bowen, one of the rebels' advisers, noticed that the Mongols did not eat mooncake. He suggested that the rebels would make mooncake with messages about the uprising inside and then distribute the mooncake in conjunction with the fall festival.

On the night of the fall festival, the rebels succeeded in toppling the government and today, mooncake is eaten in celebration of this legend.

An intimate dinner for two or one dinner for the whole family. The reasons to visit us are many. We look forward to your company.